Vitascene is a complex program that enables to add effects to your images
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Vitascene is a smart program that allows to add presets to your images. With this program, you can add to your images a series of effects such as glitter, glow, blur, mask, texture and many others. All the effects can be adjusted. For every image effect you are allowed to adjust the composite, gradient, opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma.

Vitascene also allows you to insert more images and create transition between them. The program provides many transition effects such as wipes, ripples, dissolves, sparkle and others. All the effects can be applied in different stiles such as spiral, shuffle, star shuffle and many others. You can adjust transition location, sharpness, opacity and length.

With this application you can also rotate your images and add a background.

Vitascene also supports adding different effects to your videos. The program has one advanced feature named keyframing that enables you to change the parameter of the effect by adjust the cursor from the timeline that is located under the video preview.

Vitascene is a wonderful application that comes in your help when you want to add different effects to your images and videos.

Abbie Crang
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  • It gives a different look to your pictures.
  • It allows you to modify videos


  • Quite complicated to use
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